Zoom is not a simple safari, but an irresistible travel experience! A walking adventure, between Asia and Africa, immersed in nature to discover animals in their habitats.


Let yourself be transported on this adventurous journey between two continents.
12 habitats – 10 terrestrial and two aquatic – with a high experiential level, over 300 animals and 80 species will guide you to discover the biodiversity that characterizes our planet.


Walk among the peaceful hills of the Serengeti and the dry savannah, observe the hippos underwater, be thrilled by the birds of prey in flight and the Siberian tigers always accompanied by the 18 keepers who look after all the animals every day.
Don’t miss the over 20 talks to discover all the curiosities about the ZOOM guests, live the extra experiences to observe the animals up close, enjoy a cocktail overlooking two different habitats and meet the goats


ZOOM has always been committed to the protection of species in nature: 6 conservation projects, over 50 research texts, participation in the large EAZA project which involves bioparks from all over Europe and the creation of the ZOOM Foundation with the immediate start-up of three projects of research

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