Ticket office

Open up to an hour before the park closure.
Check timetables.

The entrance ticket once seen on the turnstiles can not under any circumstances be reimbursed (Art 74 DPR633 / 72)


The area is not guarded and closes 30 minutes after the park. The cost is 3 euros and you can pay directly to the ticket office. For motorcycles, motor homes and disabled people parking is free.

Disabled access

The park is designed to allow disabled people and strollers an easy access.

Get out and go back

If necessary, you can take off and return to the park. It is necessary to contact the ticketing staff to report the momentary exit.

In case of harassment or failure to comply with one or more regulations, the person may be removed from the park


For reasons of hygiene and veterinarians, animals can not be introduced into the park. There is a convention with the Mein Staffi dog pension, just a few steps from the park, more info at the ticket office.

Dogs guide: access is allowed, excluding the Madagascar and Petra Amphitheater. For authorization and further information, contact the ticket office.

Bicycles and balls

It is forbidden to bring bicycles, scooters, skateboards, rollerblades or rollerskates into the park. The only exception are balance bikesĀ  and scooters for the exclusive use of children under the age of 3. It is possible to leave bicycles at the equipped area behind the ticket office. It is forbidden to bring balls, balloons, etc inside the park.

Photos and videos

Visitors are allowed to take photos and videos for private use only. For intended commercial use, it is necessary to contact the Marketing Department. Entering the park, visitors implicitly accept that they can be photographed and videotaped by other visitors and park staff.


It is forbidden to turn on fires in the park.


For safety reasons it is forbidden to introduce glass objects into the park.


All talks, meetings with biologists, are free and included in the ticket. For security reasons, access to the Petra Amphitheater, Hippo Underwater Arena, and Madagascar Island is only allowed until capacity is exhausted.

Swimming pools

Swimming pools can only be accessed with the Park + Swimming pools Combo ticket by wearing the bracelet delivered at the entrance. Park ticket holders can either upgrade online or directly to the park.

Beach umbrellas and beach loungers

Beach umbrellas and beach loungers are bookable online or directly at the park, subject to availability.

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